Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Gusto baby!

First I saw it on Gambino's site, then the Wig's. Schlitz beer ads talking about the gusto. Ah yes. Gusto. Looks like Schlitz is making a comeback. I am not posting one of the ads. Been done. Instead you can click on through to the website to view some classic beer ads.

I always liked that word. Gusto. A real word that isn't really used much. I recall back when I used to make beer with a friend. One time we made a chocolate porter than we were going to bring to a friend's party. The party was for Elvis' birthday so we titled it Elvis Brau. We even made labels for the bottles. I will have ot get take a pic of one and post it. On the label, we did mention that Elvis Brau was packed with gusto!

I remember the last time I had a Schlitz as well. I was at a restaurant in one of the suburbs. They were closing the place as they had to move to a new location. As is tradition when closing a place, everyone there was drinking free, liberating the booze from the bottles so they didn't have to be moved to the new place. I sat at the bar with a friend. The owner's wife comes up and asks what I want. I jokingly say, "Give me a Schlitz!" She laughs and says she has some. She opens the cooler and reaches way into the back and pulls one out. At first I thought it was an old steel can that needed a can opener. Did I see some rust on the can? She sets the can in front of me and cackles when I just stare at it. Sometimes being a smartass has its downside. I got a glass and poured the beer in, hoping to see chunks so I didn't have to drink it. None. Knowing I wouldn't get another drink without downing this one, I slowly choked it down. Not the best beer I have dranken.

Now go read something worthwhile. Truckin' April is up. Some day I may submit something to Pauly to see if it is worthy. I am a blogger, not a write but one can aspire. Until that day, I will pass on the chorizo at the ballpark, nor will I bet on that sausage during the race. Sadly I will think of Rachel Ray's ass.

Another site to check out is Improv Everywhere. Check out what they did to this little league ballgame. The parent's reactions are great! Oh yeah, you will have to pause the music in order to hear the video.

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