Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Vice crimes

It was a slow Monday. I couldn't get back into the groove of work. I perused what was going on in the world when I saw this nugget come across the local paper's newswatch section.

Theft bounty: $50,000 worth of beer

Mount Pleasant - Where's the party?Three men are suspected today of taking a trailer filled with $50,000 worth of Miller Beer from the lot of a Racine county trucking firm.According to Mount Pleasant police, the three men arrived at Hribar Trucking at 9:33 a.m. in two semi tractors stolen from Will County,Illinois. The three men were able to leave with one full trailer full of Miller Beer. Schneider National is the owner of the trailer, police said.

For the record, I do not know how to drive a semi truck. The container I have next to my garage is for storage purposes only. I have a lot of stuff to move and store. I have no idea where those aluminum cans are coming from. I think the neighbor drinks a lot.

But it would get even more interesting...
325 pounds of pot seized at shipping firm
Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke today announced the seizure of 325 pounds
of marijuana, the second by investigators who say large quantities of the drug
were being sent from California to a West Allis shipping company.
Dude, that is a lot of dope. Some people are going to be pissed. But it gets better.

That case came after Milwaukee County Sheriff's investigators working from information out of Los Angeles had gone on March 24 to the same shipping company in West Allis, where they found four pounds of very high grade marijuana with a street value of $100,000. The 325 pounds were valued at $195,000, Clarke said.

This seizure was worth $195,000. That comes out to $600 a pound. But the very high grade stuff they had seized last month was worth $100,000 or $25,000 a pound. $25,000 a pound? Do you get high just looking at the stuff? Think about lighting that up and watching the Wizard of Oz.

But here was the capper. A security guard at a Target store gets canned for doing his job. He stopped a teenager from stealing a bottle of Patron. But according to the store's policy, he isn't suppose to stop a shoplifter. Yep. A security guard whose job is not to stop shoplifting. Huh? But he did the right thing in stopping the 16 year drunkard from stealing the booze and was let go. What exactly is the thought process at Target? We cannot stop the shoplifters because they may be future customers? Protect the criminals, make the honest people pay more. All I know is if I am that hard up, I am stealing booze from Target because they apparently won't stop me.

Stone Temple Pilots look to be playing Summerfest on July 4. Yawn. After announcing Steve Miller, John Mayer and Alicia Keys, it looks like only one spot left at the amphitheater. June 28. A Saturday night. A major act that has played there a couple of times may be available before they head off to Europe. Sure would be nice to see Metallica again. Just saying.

It better not be the fuckin Bodeans again. Pollstar has them listed as playing on the 28th. If there is a rock god this will not happen.

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