Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Show it to me

A funny thing happened this morning. It stunned me at first, but then I applied some rationale thought and dismissed what I had overhead. As I walked out of the cafeteria, I caught this discussion between two of the kitchen staff.

Older white lady "So when you going to take me out to dinner?"
Slightly younger black man "During the week? No way."
White lady "Take me to your favorite fried chicken place. You do have a favorite fried chicken place, don't you?"
Black man "No, I don't. Just what I make at home."

Yeah, I was stunned when I heard the "you do have a favorite fried chicken place" comment. It screamed "STEREOTYPING". But then I thought of who these two people are. I don't know them well, but I have seen how they interact on a daily basis for over a year. I knew there was no racial overtone to this conversation, but to someone else, they may have been offended and gone straight the the HR department to report the incident.

Kinda like what happened to me. It still pisses me off that someone couldn't speak to me personally instead of running off to HR. But that is what happens when people make assumptions on what is being said or what the intent is.

Speaking of assumptions, it is a good day in America. The Supreme Court ruled that Indiana's law requiring voters to show ID when casting a ballot is constitutional. Hopefully that paves the way for the state of Wisconsin to pass a similar law. The argument for the Left was that it will make it harder for the poor, minorities and the elderly to vote. Why didn't they just come out and say they believe these people are stupid, worthless, and can't take care of themselves?

Think about how many things you need to show an ID to buy/gain access to. Liquor. Cigarettes. Cough medicine. Cashing a check. Boarding an airplane. Access to some events on college campuses. Entering a nightclub/bar/tavern. Entering a R rated movie or over 21 concert. Opening a bank account. There are a number of things that require you to have an ID nowadays. So the Democrats are arguing that the old, poor and people of color are either too ignorant to need an ID for any of the above, or they are saying those items do not apply. Guess that is for the rich. Or are they saying they are lazy, that knowing they have 6 months to get an ID so they can vote that they won't do it?

But wait. Don't alcohol and tobacco companies prey on the poor and minorities? They must have ID to be able to buy these products, especially if they are kids who are the main targets according to the do gooders.

Showing an ID is becoming commonplace in today's world. It is only right that people who vote legally have their rights protected. If the Democrats are so worried about these people not being able to vote they should have ID drives alongside registration drives. Help these people get IDs. Heck, it probably benefits them in their everyday activities.

It may not necessarily prevent voter fraud (another assumption) but it is a step in the right direction. We all should be for it. Unless you sell tires for a living then I may see why you are against it.

Stock was up another 29 cents yesterday. Investing is sooooo easy.


Anonymous said...

You still don't want to say which stock you bought? I want to plan my retirement too.

donkeypuncher said...

Seriously. Tell me the company, and I'll drive the price up for ya.