Friday, April 18, 2008

Not quite good for what ales ya

I was signed up to play a poker tournament at 5 yesterday. It meant I would need to stop by the liquor store to get some beverages on the way home from work. The plan was simple. Get two six packs and hope at least one of them will be cold.

As I am sure I have stated before, I am like a kid in the candy store when I walk into a good liquor store. I can stand in front of the shelves and look at the booze for a good amount of time. Sometimes I mentally take notes on what I may try the next time I need a bottle of rum. Or if I dare move away from the Makers Mark to try a new brand of whisky.

But I couldn't daydream on this trip. I was all business as I studied the coolers. I wasn't sure what I would get, but I knew I could make a decision when a good beer caught my eye. I saw the Tyranena Bitter Woman IPA right away. Score! Though it wasn't warm enough for me to enjoy an IPA right now, I know this beer will be good in case the other beer stunk.

I then noticed the Blue Moon Spring Ale. I took a quick look and saw it was an amber ale. That will work. Unfortunately I did not see the part of it being made with limes. Ugh. Man law stated "don't fruit the beer!" I was disturbed to see that.

When I opened the first bottle and actually read the label I felt dirty. I drank the entire 6 pack last night. The Blue Moon Spring Ale wasn't that bad. It did the job. But basically it is forgettable. I won't be rushing to get more. That is the sad part. The winter ale is good as is the belgian white. This stuff is just a memory after I toss the bottles in the recycle bin. I will have to find me a good spring ale to ensure this one is forgotten.

I did drink one of the Bitter Woman IPAs. Aptly named. Man was that hoppy! The beer picks you up, body slams you to the ground, and then beats you silly with its hoppiness. Try it and see if I am kidding.

There was an interesting story on the news yesterday. Seems a lady in Waukesha followed what she thought was a drunk driver for 6 minutes as she spoke to and waited for police to arrive. She noticed a car swerving back and forth down the street. She called the police and followed the vehicle to make sure they would find him. Seems like a nice citizen just trying to help the cops get some drunk off the street before he hurts someone. Problem is the guy wasn't drunk. He was avoiding all the potholes in the street. That got me to thinking. This lady followed this guy for 6 minutes. That is probably a couple miles. Did she not notice the potholes? Either her car's suspension is shot to hell now (the report showed the street and some of the craters in it) as she drove right into them, banging herself around or she herself was swerving too and was too dumb to figure out what was happening in front of her. I have my money on her hitting every pothole in the street and wondering why her dashboard is about to fall in her lap.

It looks like the weekend is wide open. Depending on the weather, I "plan" to do some yardwork. There is a bush I should trim back. I should rake grass but I probably won't because I hate raking grass. I may at least try a half hearted attempt. I will goof around with the lawn mower to make sure it is going to start. Maybe change its oil.

Or I will sit around during the day watching movies (I have I am Legend and Juno to watch) or maybe go to the bar to watch the Brewers games. Both Saturday and Sunday are day games. That just may work out.

With the Brew Crew out of town there isn't much to do in April. Church festivals haven't started. Summerfest is two months out and haven't added any bands of my liking. Vegas is a month and a half away. Guess that is why I should do some yardwork when I can.


J. Gambino said...

I think you should at least trim the bush. I am always up for that.

AletaR said...

Watch the movies. They could contain a trivia answer. You could then be the hero!

OMW said...

Go to the bar.