Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend accomplished

On Friday I said I may do some yard work. Trim the bushes, get the lawn mower going, rake grass, etc. Or I might watch movies instead.

In the end, I did pretty much everything. Except rake the grass which I didn't want to do anyway. After tearing the house apart I did find my extension cord. Thus the bushes have been trimmed. Who doesn't like a trimmed bush? My mail lady will be happy now. I avoided serious injury while doing the trimming. I had some branches on the steps and just about slipped down them. I did tweak my ankle a bit but not as bad as I thought. I would have been pretty pissed if I had taken a header down the steps and cracked my skull on the sidewalk.

Got the mower running as well. I need to get some oil to add. I probably should hunt down an air filter too. I tried to clean what I have but it is pretty much shot. Time to stop by a Sears store and pick up a filter. Maybe on Saturday before the NFL draft.

I passed on the raking to play some poker and watch a movie. I Am Legend was good but had a disappointing ending. Plus it felt too much like any of the Dead movies. You know, the George Romero's Night of the Living Dead/Dawn of the Dead/Day of the Dead. On Sunday I watched Juno. Totally enjoyed it. Some great lines in the movie.

On the way to work this morning I heard two pretty stupid commercials. One was for some robotic knee surgery at a local hospital. We are to believe someone' s knees sound like a squeaky hinge and makes a loud audible noise every time he walks. The solution is a bionic knee so go to the hospital and get one. The commercial was bad enough but it also sounded like the surgery was possible with some kind of financial assist from the fellatio sisters. At least I heard something like fellatio. It could have been flation or velation or anything that just sounds like fellatio. I am sure it really wasn't the Fellatio Sisters (sounds like a new band but that would be a sucky name for a band- ha!) but as I tried to figure out what they really said, my brain totally locked on it so I have no clue until I hear the commercial again.

The other stupid commercial was for some ice cream. If you win their contest, some dude who was a runner up on American Idol will come and sing yin your house. No really. Some dude no one thought was good enough to win the show will sing in your house if you win the contest. I am not sure that is winning. Tell you what. If I win the contest, can I send them over to someone else's house and have him sing over there? That would be great. Play a good joke on a friend or punish your enemy by sending this faux celebrity to their house and making them hear this clown sing. That is what I would call winning.

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