Thursday, April 17, 2008

Old dirt road

Nice weather is all its cracked up to be.

Hear me out. With all the snow we had this winter, all the freezing and thawing, all the salt and sand that went down on the ground, it has left behind one big mess.

Yesterday while driving to work I was a couple cars behind this truck. We drove through a construction area where the lanes were somewhat on the narrow side. The trucker did a good job navigating through but he kept getting close to the barrier and the edge. Where all the sand was. The trailer would sway a bit and kick up a cloud of sand, pelting the cars behind him. I can't blame the truck as he probably had no clue what was going on. Add in the wind and if I had the top down on the car, I would have gotten sandblasted.

Because of the freezing and thawing, there are a number of potholes around the city. If there aren't any potholes, there are still parts of the street that loosened up. The streets are a mess. When I parked in front of the bar last night I felt like I was on an old gravel road. Lots of loose stones. Of course a smart bar owner would take the 15 minutes to grab a broom and sweep it all to the curb.

This has to be rough on bikes too. I wouldn't be shocked to hear stories of guys and girls dumping their Harleys. Auto shops did well with all the collisions this past winter. Now they will earn money on repainting all these vehicles.

Enough bitching. It was a good time last night. The beer was going down well. Too well. I could have stayed drinking all night and would have if I didn't have the boss in town.

Spending a warm spring evening in a bar, drinking beer, watching baseball feels like rite of the season. Wearing nothing more than shorts, a t-shirt, and shoes, watching the women adjust their wardrobes for the nicer weather, showing some skin. Yes, I cry when all the sweaters are put away but last night the girls in the tube tops made up for it. I think I can make the adjustment.

In the meantime I have to hope the weathermen are wrong and somehow the rain passes us by.

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