Monday, June 23, 2008

What I like/dislike about camping

What I like about camping:
  • Drinking
  • Raging campfires
  • Friends
  • Bullshitting with those friends
  • More drinking
  • Hot Sex. No not the act, the passing around the bottle of
  • Passing around more cheap booze and wine
  • Pudgie Pies
  • Ladder Golf
  • Washers
  • Hitting the perfect shot in washers- nailed the middle bolt on the fly
  • Sitting around all afternoon drinking
  • Making 4 foot high fires
  • Watching 4 foot high fires collapse into themselves
  • Whipping it out and peeing pretty much where ever I want
  • Lots of good food
  • Burning everything in sight
  • Nature
  • Not showering
  • Jack and Cokes
  • Cigars around the campfire
  • Reading Hooters magazine with the sun shining on me
  • How good the shower feels when I get home

What I don't like about camping:

  • Mosquitoes
  • Layers of bug repellent sprayed on me
  • Barking mosquitoes
  • Rain
  • Forgetting to pack my chair
  • All the scratching from the bug bites- how did I get bit on my left ass cheek???
  • Crapping in a pit toilet
  • Having to wait to crap in the pit toilet
  • Running out of beer
  • Sweating my ass off as I made the pudgie pies
  • Packing up at the end of an enjoyable weekend

Stock update: The day is here. Holding period is over and I can sell whenever I want. Though the market took a dump on Friday, my stock jumped up 50 cents. Not sure but my guess is someone jumped in to cover some options they had on the stock. Someone must have sold some naked calls on the stock and thus bought to cover. Any which way, it propped it back up which means more profit for me. If I sell that is. I am going to see which way things god here. Will need to look at the chart to see if this pop is just a blip and not sustainable.


J. Gambino said...
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J. Gambino said...

Just so we are clear next time we go camping. Please wait until dark before "Whipping it out and peeing pretty much where ever I want." 'kay?

AletaR said...

You forgot to add "making up "Little Gambino" stories.