Thursday, June 26, 2008


Some people might call me a gambling man. Sure I like a good wager, but what I like even more is winning that wager and collecting. I try my best to bet on sure things but introduce alcohol and pride and that doesn't always happen. We all make stupid bets. The trick is to be on the smart side of the wager.

Like betting the Dallas Cowboys vs. the Green Bay Packers. I called it a sure thing last fall. The game was in Dallas. The Cowboys were hot and the Packers were basically lucky. I knew the Dallas defense could slow down the Packer offense, but more importantly, I was extremely confident that Tony Romo would connect with Terrel Owens and torch the Packer's secondary.

There were a number of bets made with people in the bar. Some monetary, some more creative. Cash was collected on the spot while other wagers had to wait to be completed. I collected on one this past weekend. It may be the best prize won. Ever.

Here is some advice I would like to share. If you go anywhere with your friends to consume a good amount of booze, you should make this wager. Whatever you bet on, the outcome should be loser becomes the other's beer bitch. They are responsible for getting the beer, opening it, pouring if necessary, disposing of the old bottle/can, and being on call for when you need another cold one. It is their duty to ensure that everything beer is handled.

I had my beer bitch doing a good job this weekend at Bong. Annette did a good job. Yeah, I poked a little fun at her, being a bit over the top at times to get a good laugh from everyone, but I didn't treat her poorly. It was very nice to have a personal waitress. Busy playing washers when the bottom of the bottle is discovered? No problem. Beer bitch! Over here! Worked out damn well I tell you.

So give it a try. The payoff is much better than it sounds.


AletaR said...

I must say she did a fine job, as she wouldn't even let someone else take over for just one fetch. You didn't go over the edge. Now we have another bet to settle.

J. Gambino said...

I have built up a healthy callous on my opening hand. I could go into the beer bitch business!!