Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I had just come around the bend on the new stretch of highway. I had been stuck behind a slow moving pickup with a driver that had little idea of where he was going. Traffic in general was moving slow so that had me riled up a bit. Thus when I saw the opening, I accelerated and made the two lane changes. With nothing but open road ahead I took a deep breath to relax.

But then I saw it. My stomach sank when I saw the white SUV at the side of the highway. My speedometer read about 70mph. I was toast. He had me dead to rights. I was going at least 60 when I went by him. Still too fast for the 45mph speed limit. Oh yeah, this open stretch was still technically a construction zone even though they were finished with this area. If caught, fines are double. I could feel my wallet getting lighter.

As I cruised by the sheriff, I took a look in my rear view mirror. Yes! He was talking to someone on the other side of the truck and wasn't paying attention. I was safe!

Or so I thought.

Just as I look ahead- going about 50 now- I see two more sheriff cars on the side of the road, waiting to nab speeders like me. There was a fourth sheriff with someone pulled over. The first sheriff car was just aching to pounce on their prey. And it appeared to be me!

I was going 5 over at the moment so I thought I was good-unless the SUV was calling it ahead. That is a possibility. I kept my speed stable at 50 trying not to look too guilty. Soon enough I saw the car on the road, lights flashing. He was a good distance back though. Like a NASCAR race, he would have to deal with a lot of cars to get to the front of the pack.

I looked at my options. Keep driving the speed limit and act like I did nothing. Take the next exit and find my way back on the freeway a couple of miles down the road. Or speed up and hope I lose him while he is stuck navigating traffic.

Usually I would take the second option. Get off the freeway and hope to lose them. But if he sees me doing this and catches me, he will ask where I am going. Driving through the hood and making up an excuse wouldn't work well so I took option one.

I kept an eye on my mirrors trying to find him. Apparently he got a rabbit that wasn't as fortunate as myself. I was safe.

After a close call like that you would think I would learn my lesson. I did. But it was a lesson I learned a long time ago. If you see Milwaukee County sheriffs bunched in one area, that means the rest of the highway system is barren and you can speed all you want. Soon enough I was doing 75 on the northern section I drive and was at work in a decent amount of time. I have taken note of the speed trap and will be quite a bit more careful tomorrow. And on the way home tonight. I suspect they will be on the other side of the construction zone, another spot I like to fly down.

Speaking of guilty, my favorite city crook was found guilty yesterday. Michael McGee was found guilty of extortion and bribery. All the evidence the feds say they had was pretty damning. As one analyst put it, "It was like a slow guilty plea". The way the story reads, McGee's defense attorney didn't put up much of a fight. How was he going to refute the testimony of all the store owners who were shaken down, the taped conversations, or the video of the FBI agent paying McGee off? Of course I expect them appeal. Isn't that what all turds do?

Sadly, his supporters have ignored the evidence. One called it a "legal lynching". No sir, McGee forcing store owners to pay him was a lynching. Another believes he was set up by the government and this it is one of the worst things to happen to Milwaukee. Really? How dumb are you? He totally abused his position and when he is punished for doing so, it is a bad thing? A third said it was "heart wrenching" and "not fair". Reading this drivel is gut wrenching. No wonder inner Milwaukee is a sad place. You want to protect the crooked politicians and be uncooperative with the police officers trying to help you. You need to take a lesson from the Iraqis. Their neighborhoods became a lot safer when they snitched out the bad guys.

Learn your lesson here. A crook is a crook. No one set him up. He did it himself, for himself. Not for you or any others who want to believe it was a set up. You can only move on when you realize he belongs in jail.

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BigT said...

Another option when snagged speeding. If you're not from the area tell the officer you've been sent by your employer to this area to scout out a location to spend tons of company money for some BS event.

Worked for me in da U.P...