Saturday, June 28, 2008

Staying dry

It was an interesting group that was crowded under the awning of the beer tent. The rain began to fall at 4:58. I know the exact time because I bet the two dudes analyzing the weather chart on their phone. If the rain could have held off for just two more minutes I would have been one beer richer. Damn rain!

I didn't plan on going down to Summerfest yesterday. But got a call about seeing Bobby Friss so I decided I could sweat down by the lake as much as I could sweat at my house. Difference was they had more beer at Summerfest so I went. Bobby Friss put on another great show, managing to finish before the rain came. I will be down at the lake for today's show as well.

After Bobby, I am not sure what I will be watching. Last night we caught Cherry Pie. It may be the best show I have seen them put on yet. They are getting better as time goes by. Now only if they would play some Iron Maiden...

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