Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The rotation

It seems to be something like this. Right elbow, back of right hand, calf, knee, left elbow, ear, side of left hand, left butt cheek, fingertip. One by one each of these mosquito bites sound off during the day causing me to scratch them. Slowly but surely, it is driving me nuts.

When I got home on Sunday, I jumped into the shower. I may be the only one who doesn't shower on a camping weekend. One day without a shower is not going to kill me. It may even be healthy to let the body be natural again. That one day does make that home shower feel much better and that feeling of being clean again is one that I really like. Very invigorating.

Until I plunk my ass on the couch to watch TV to fall asleep to. I watched part of season two of the Wire before dozing off. When I woke up I grabbed a disc I had from Netflix and popped it into the DVD player. I like to peruse the documentary section of Netflix. You never know what you might find of interest. I have watched documentaries on various things like crossword puzzles, Scrabble, the word Fuck, and video games. The one I watched on Sunday had something in common with all the others. It featured some rather screwed up people who just wanted to carve out their niche in the word while facing the adversity of others. The movie was Inside Deep Throat.

Yeah, that Deep Throat. The porn movie that opened the flood gates. Inside Deep Throat was interesting on different levels. Let's take the porn aspect out of it. The movie wasn't really about porn though they did show the act of Lovelace taking it all. The movie really focused on other aspects that Deep Throat had to deal with. The law, the mob, and women having orgasms.

The people behind it were funny. They weren't your typical porn producers. They considered themselves "independent film makers". They thought that making sex movies is what people wanted (duh) so they did it. Most of the movies they made were crap but that wasn't the point to them. It was their right to make a movie.

That is how the mob got involved here. The guy who came up with the idea went to them for the money to make the movie. In the end they strong armed him out of the film after it started making gobs of cash. For a movie that cost $25,000 to make, it has earned over $600 million. Some claim it is the most profitable movie ever made. At one point they mention these guys had stopped counting the money because there was too much of it. So instead they were weighing it.

There is one interesting scene in which they talk to an old theater owner in Florida. He heard of the buzz the flick had created so he decided to show it in his theater. When he found out the mob was involved he got out of it. As he is interviewed in the movie, his wife is screaming at him to shut up, that those people will come and get him. I couldn't help but laugh out loud at that lady.

It is funny how the government went to great lengths to shut down the showing of Deep Throat. Especially after society's reaction to the movie. All kinds of people were coming out to see it. It was the thing to do, to see the movie that is causing all the commotion.

If anything, one good reason to see the movie is the court case in New York. The makers of the movie were found guilty of making an obscene movie. One of the reason why is that they were telling people it was ok for women to have orgasms. Oh, not just orgasms, but clitoral orgasms to boot. That was part of the prosecution's case. That letting everyone know that women can have orgasms is going to break down society as we know it, and God have mercy, we cannot have that!!!

Ok, done ranting. Go to Netflix and pop it in your queue. Very interesting stuff.

Stock update: I didn't sell. Took a look at the charts and it could move up a bit. It was down 15 cents yesterday but spent a good portion of the day on the upside. Hopefully it continues to go against the grain of the market as a whole.

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AletaR said...

I was accused of doing the chicken Dance while all I was doing was scratching my bites.