Sunday, June 29, 2008


I went from a good mood to shitty pretty fast last night. It wasn't anyone around me. Hell, I was in a good spot, at the bar with a cold beer in front of me, friends shooting the shit around me. It was like someone flicked a switch inside my head and I did a 180. I didn't want to be there. I wasn't comfortable. I had to get out and get home.

One of the worst things you can do is get a bout of the hiccups at the end of a day of drinking. It was those hiccups that turned me into sourpuss. With every hic, I felt sick.

Now there are two ways I know of to get rid of the hiccups. Just like curing a cold, one if guaranteed to get rid of the hiccups. And it is quite simple. Grab a girl and make out with her. Hiccups will be gone and you will be in a good mood as well. That wasn't going to work last night as the women in the bar were rather scary.

So I had only option. The second way to get rid of the hiccups is to totally relax. I mean, slump in your bar stool relax. But if you do that, everyone thinks you are drunk and passing out so they come over to see if you are ok, thus busting you out of the relaxed state and keeping those hiccups going.

Instead of looking like the town drunk I opted to leave. I was kinda hungry (the gyro and shish kabob- as tasty as they were- didn't kill the hunger) but knew eating late was not good. I sat in my car for a bit before deciding not to stop and pick up a za.

I was glad I didn't. As I drove, I noticed a build up of saliva in my mouth. I rolled down the window and spat. Go another block and spit again. Uh oh. Am I gonna hurl? My stomach didn't feel queasy but suddenly I was feeling rather sick. I turned down a side street to find a place to pull over. Only spot available is under a big street lamp. Great. I open the door and spit again. Seconds later I would do it again. And again.

I didn't hurl. But I think the people on the street must have been wondering what was going on out there. I noticed someone watching me. I bet they are glad I didn't puke on their street.

Before that I had a good time. Summerfest was good. Saw Bobby Friss again. After that we stood around watching some country act. I found them to be somewhat interesting. It was like the country version of Bobby Friss. The musicians were talented and the crowd loved them. But what was with the electric banjo???

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