Monday, June 30, 2008

Send the pain below

It was a nice lazy Sunday. I woke up, made some coffee, checked the news and then watched the last 5 episodes of Doctor Who. Hell, I barely left my couch except to move to play some Wii.

3 day weekends are nice. I am in a stretch of 3 in a row. I may have to make this a permanent thing.

Downside might be that Monday is a bit rougher than expected. For whatever reason I was awake at 4 am again. Damn, birds are quite noisy early in the morning. For the next hour I heard the birds just chatting up a storm. Can’t someone get them a gmail account to shut them up? Texting for birds? Anything so I could get some more sleep. I would have unleashed my cat on them but I doubt his fat ass would catch anything.

Along with the birds keeping me awake was a bit of a sore throat. To be exact it is the right side of my throat. Over the past couple of days I have awoken with half of more throat in a bit of pain. But as the day progresses, the pain disperses. Right now I don’t feel anything. The irritation is gone.

I began to wonder if I might be coming down with tonsillitis. I did a quick check on the net and it does not necessarily appear to be that. Maybe it is just a bug going around. If it persists then I guess I will have to have it checked out. What I did see was one nasty picture of a severe case of tonsillitis. Pretty sick how the human body can get are swollen and disgusting.

For now it is back to the grind. 4 days until the weekend. The boss is away so I do not have to worry about any interruptions. A 4 day work week without the boss around. I could get use to that as well.

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