Monday, June 30, 2008

A tale of two stalls

It was that time of the day. I was happy to see that I had my choice of the two stalls. Like most people, I chose the bigger, roomier of the two. As I stepped in I did notice the toilet paper dispenser was open. There was brand new roll in it as well as the other roller. I wonder if the janitor left to get more tp as I decide to let it be and move over to the smaller crapper. Hmm...this one is in the same state. Back to the bigger throne room I go.

I take a look at the holder and play with the lock a bit. Good thing this isn't an emergency or I wouldn't have time to figure out a way to get this thing back to normal status. I see the lock is on the "locked" position. There must be some leeway here so I fold it back on its hinge. No, not much leeway. My choice is to leave it be and have it rest on my knee or to put it back into closed position. I opt for the latter. A little push and it clicks right into place but not after it pinch my finger. Great, a blood blister for my efforts.

As I sit there I hear someone enter the adjoining stall. I begin to wonder what they will do. Will they pop the the thing back into place or will they let it rest on their knee. I do not hear any clanging so I think I had my answer.

I then begin to hear a clicking sound. Huh? This guy is clipping his finger nails while on the shitter? WTF? Maybe at home but at work? Seems classless to me but what do I know. Maybe he likes clippings in his pubes.


J. Gambino said...

Thanks for the chuckle! You said pubes.

Reenner said...

A guy at work was clipping his nails...I sent him an IM and told him if did not stop I was going to come over and puke in his cube.

OMW said...

only a rube would get clippings in his pube while sitting in his cube