Tuesday, July 01, 2008

QEF, NQF, its all the same

I have heard the pains of some friends this weekend. They were getting hammered hard and not in the pleasurable way either. It was the QEF that was doing them in.

Quarter End Fucking.

All that work that needs to be completed before the end of the business quarter. All those projects that were promised by bosses that have to be done. All those requests for information from everyone and their grandmother so they can look good to their supervisors. They fuck you over to make themselves look smart. Your work don't mean shit to them. They demand the data now and expect you to deliver. You might get a thank you out of it if you are lucky. That is a big if.

For those people, the pain is basically done. There is some blowback. Again not the good kind of blowing that would help after the QEF, but some small tweaks that can be done to finalize the hard work.

For others, like me, I get to deal with the NQF. You probably figured this one out.

New Quarter Fucking.

The NQF is much like the QEF. The difference is work doesn't need to be completed before quarter end. Instead, the work is triggered by quarter end.

The NQF officially began yesterday just after 3pm. Requests to 500 people to complete a report went out. The babysitting of professionals has begun. Toss in close to 2000 other reviews, 2 projects that a co-worker is being wishy washy on, gathering of other reports from supervisors, and an issue that is surely going to make the shit hit the fan and I am so gonna feel the effects of the NQF.

I can only think about the new bottle of Maker's Mark at home that will help get me through the month. I wish I could move it from the liquor cabinet to the drawer next to me here at work but that can't happen. Too bad.

I also have the new Motley Crue album to listen to. People, if you are going to buy one rock album this year, it should be Saints of Los Angeles. It is damn good, one that gets better the more you listen to it. It just may be the cure for both the QEF and NQF.

So who wants to go to Crue Fest?

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Hey Jo said...

I love the people that you assign a task to, they say they complete it, you look over the task and realize that it is all screwed up. When you question them, they tell you... "I didn't know that you wanted it to be accurate".

If I didn't want it to be accurate, I would have just made some crap up and called it a day three weeks ago.