Friday, July 18, 2008

The check is in

I didn't know how to respond to my father yesterday. He just slipped it in at the end of our conversation.

"I have your check. You can pick it up whenever you want."

I acted like it didn't matter. Blew it off and cracked a joke about being able to retire.

The money is what I have inherited from my grandmother. She passed away a couple of months back. I wasn't really close to her. I guess that is why I feel a bit uneasy about whatever it is I am about to receive.

I have no clue how much it is. I feel better not knowing. I may feel guilty if it ends up being a nice sum. Guilty because I didn't speak to her in years. Guilty because I didn't make an effort to see her before she passed. For me it would have felt fake to do something at the last moment. Too much history of being made to feel second class to other cousins is hard to put aside. Especially when those cousins, the ones treated extra special, became a coke addicted stripper while the other abandoned her child after a divorce just so she could start a new life. It would be those "special" cousins that will probably complain that I am even getting anything. They can piss off for all I care.

I will probably stop by my father's house to get pick up the check this weekend. My guess is that it is about a grand or so. Enough to support my Vegas habit. No matter what they amount, I will be grateful, say a prayer of thanks in her memory, and put the money to good use.

I guess that is what happens when you sit at home drinking while your friends are half a state away having a good time camping. They may have gotten rained on but that is just an excuse to grab the bottle of Jack and party on. Then again, it looks like it may rain on them the entire weekend. I hope not. Nothing worse than getting pissed on while camping.

The church by the bar is having their festival this weekend. St. Veronicas started up last night and goes on through Sunday. Not sure who is playing tonight but I believe Rhythm Method is on tap for Saturday. I am hoping my prayers for any kind of non-Bud product are answered.

Rock on with your bad selfs this weekend. Stay dry and cool.

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