Thursday, July 17, 2008

Who will tend the fire?

I should be just crawling out of bed, putting the coffee on, and frying some bacon. Instead I am feeling overwhelmed by papers as I sit at a desk, wishing I was somewhere else.

My friends are trekking across the state to go camping. I am staying behind. It is a bit of a clusterfuck on this end that forces me to forgo drinking around a campfire, gambling in Iowa, and swatting mosquitoes this weekend. I was schedule to take an exam tomorrow but that got switched around last week. With another coworker out this week I was not able to take two days for myself. I can say it is for the better with all the work that needs to be done but I would only be bullshitting myself. I would rather be with my friends on yet another drunken weekend.

I guess I will settle on Drinking for Jesus this weekend.

The thing is my friends need me. I don't think they will be able to survive without me. Who is going to tend the fire? None of them have the mad wood burning skills I have. Sure they can keep it alive by tossing logs on like a longshoreman throwing whatever it is longshoremen throw. Haphazzard log placement does not ensure a long warm fire. Yes, my concern is that they freeze out there in the 80 degree muggy moist air.

Ok, maybe they don't need a fire.

But who will Annette get beer for? Oh wait, that was a one time thing.

Who will cook the pudgy pies? Damn, I forgot they don't do pudgies on this trip.

Who will answer "my balls" to every question? Crap, Richard tries to steal my shtick every time I am gone.

Oh well. Maybe they will survive without me.

I guess I will be stuck at St. Veronica's, trying to find a beer to drink beside Budweiser. Please, oh please, have Rolling Rock again this year!

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AletaR said...

I will think of you with every log I carefully place on the low burning fire. I will think of you when I'm stuck stirring the egg slop. I will think of you when...oh well. I'm distracted by the Alice song. We'll miss you!