Monday, July 21, 2008

Drinking for Jesus at St. Vs

The beer chicken wasn't quite as good as I thought it would be. The chicken itself was cooked well but if there was supposed to be a hint of beer in the meat then it was a failure. Or does it just keep the meat moist? Any which way, it was just a good chicken meal not the beer infused flavor that I had been expecting.

Drinking for Jesus was a success this weekend. Interesting crowds on both nights. Friday had pop rock band the Toys on stage. That brought out a younger, more wigger looking crowd. I did like the 3 young toughs- one with the grill- walking around, posturing. Not sure who they were looking to impress but I am sure one of the bikers would have taken them out if they had gotten out of line. The Toys are still the same bunch of wanna be rockers. Unlike my friends, I don't really care for this group. Musically they are good. Not great, just good. Their song selection is all over the map which is a problem. Play one genre and get good at that. Instead they play pop, rock, country, and dance. It all begins to sound the same. Finally, they need to stop acting like they are something great on stage. The lead singer walks around like Freddie Mercury, prancing and preening. He must watch video of Queen's late singer, studying his moves. The guitar player isn't as good as he would like you to think. Just play dude. No need to hold the instrument up or lean back acting like you are pulling off a major riff when you are just playing something simple. The bass player needs to do the same. He may be the most talented member (I wonder why he stays with this band and doesn't move on to something better) of the group but get over the rock star antics. You are playing a church parking lot, not an arena.

Now compare them to Rhythm Method on Saturday. Crowd was older, same number of people. No thugs, just bikers. Rhythm Method is still the best band in the city, an opinion I heard someone else give as well. They play their classic rock loud and confidently. They are the opposite of the Toys. They look professional on stage. They have fun without having to show off. There is no prancing. No showboating. Just playing some music that no one else tries to play. It is a simple good show.

As I mentioned before, the crowd on Friday was a bit more entertaining. Beside the gangsta wannabes, there were some cougars in the crowd as well. At one point, my friend Timmy pointed to two women in front of us. They looked to be in the late 40s. Short and tanned like an oompa loompa. They looked leathery. My friend elbowed me and said to get some of that. I looked at him and responded it would be like fucking a catchers mitt. We apologized to the guy in front of us that Timmy spat his beer on.

Back to work now. Looking at all the crap on my desk, I don't know where to start. Shred bin sounds good.

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AletaR said...

You didn't mystery dance like last year did you?