Thursday, July 03, 2008

The few, the stupid, the ones at work

It was like I was playing Whack-a-Mole. Every time I heard the radio I raised my hand and smashed the snooze button. I guess I hit it about 7 times as I finally got up an hour later than usual. It wasn't like I drank a lot last night. I just didn't feel like going to work today.

All I am doing is taking up space here. A body. A physical form at a desk just in case someone has questions that need answers today. I rather be at a bar thinking of some mischief. Sure it may be 8 in the morning but a bar ain't a bad place to be.

So what is everyone doing with their long weekend? Let's see what I have on the list:

Do I need anything else?

There will be fireworks today and tomorrow at the lakefront. I am not much of a fireworks person. If I want to ooh and aah at anything it will be a stripper or if I am getting a blowjob.

Man I am bored already. All I have done since getting in is check my email, change the music on the site, and read a couple of blogs. I need to stretch that out for another 7 hours. Ugh!

What is this I hear about a new "celebrity" sex tape? I heard the tease on the radio and my ears perked up. I am thinking some starlet is seen giving it up on video and it may be worth seeking out. Instead they announce the "celebrity" is Verne Troyer. WTF?!?!?! Who wants to see VT getting it on with some chick? Unless he is standing on the seat of his scooter, pounding some chick from behind I have no interest. Because him standing on his scooter giving it to some chick would be hilarious to see.

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