Monday, July 07, 2008

What I didn't do

As we all head back to work after a long weekend, many a conversation will be on what people did this past weekend. There will be talks of Summerfest, Brewers games, BBQs, etc. Good times with good friends, family, etc.

I won't be talking about any of that. Oh, I had myself a nice 3 days away. Drank enough to kill a couple small people, watched enough music to make my head shake back and forth, and laughed my ass off as some of the people I had seen. Yes, it was a very relaxing weekend.

Maybe too so though.

I can't help but think of the stuff I should have done that I didn't. I kept thinking it could wait until Monday. The weather is beautiful (Damn did we have great weather!) and it is a holiday weekend and my butt ain't doing nuthin! That was the attitude. So I did nothing beside sleep, watch TV, play with the Wii, go to the bar, go to Summerfest, drink a lot, and crawl back into bed. It wasn't until yesterday afternoon- as I sat at Hooters watching the Brewers and eating 911 wings- that I thought of what I should have gotten done this weekend.

Then this morning it hit home. It started with the weather report. Rain here and there, but definitely rain. As I walked to my car I looked at the grass that I was supposed to cut. It could wait until Monday I kept saying over the last couple of days. Now if it rains, it will have to wait another couple of days.

I then thought of my hair. I need a haircut too. The consensus from the gang on Friday was it was time to see the barber. I could have stopped in anywhere on the way to Hooters and let some beauty school dropout cut it down for me, but I didn't. Hopefully I can get in to see my guy this week to get trimmed down. He probably is on vacation so I will have someone else butcher me up.

I never did make it to the grocery store either. My refrigerator is bare except for the 3 beers that are left. I have a jar of pepperoncini in there is well but it is just about empty. My freezer consists of 1 1/2 bags of frozen vegetables and some chicken breasts that have been in there for months. I ain't eating any of that. I should throw it all out but I keep forgetting. So I guess I will head to the store in the rain today just to feed my belly. Hell, if I didn't have the drunken chicken from Friday night I would have starved on Saturday.

And I never did get around to doing some writing. I have two projects that I wanted to get done on Saturday. That never happened. Guess I will hack away tonight.

I guess that is the price you pay for enjoying yourself. Can we do it again this weekend?

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