Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Who decided that a sequel to Hellboy was not only a good idea, but needed? Do we really need Hellboy II?

Any chance the thief that robbed the bank in my neighborhood at 4:20 yesterday was getting cash to buy some weed?

I wonder if the Starbux store by me is among those scheduled to be closed? How long ago did it open? 1 year? And it may be closed?

Is it really a surprise they sell more sausages than hot dogs at Miller Park? Is that news? With stupid articles like that, can the local rag lose more money?

Why do new car owners think their car is so much special than others? That others should never park near them? Kind of elitist, ain't it?

Hope and Change? People are still buying the Obama bullshit? Will they ever realize he just Hopes they don't realize there is no Change coming?

Sexsomnia? Can it be any good if you are falling asleep? Does someone demand a picture of a tart just for the story?

Why is it that every shirt I would like to get at shirt.woot is sold out by the time I get around to loggin on?

Could my company have given me an older Blackberry? How clunky and useless is this thing?

A remake of 90210? Is that the best TV can do?

What is with the plum? Why does a sweet tasting fruit have to have a skin that is so sour?

Is it the weekend yet? Will anyone be working tomorrow?

Why do I feel I have a project to complete but have no clue what it might be?

Can I add more questions during the course of day?

I still have to be at work for another hour? Am I the only one who has checked out mentally?

Can anyone guess what I am thinking about? Even if I spotted you the first letter as "b"?

I wonder if I left early, would anyone notice?

Why doesn't the media report the good news coming out of Iraq? Are they afraid to let people know the war is coming to an end and final victory is near?

Did I sprain my forearm playing a game on the Wii the other day? Is taking two hours to defeat a boss in a game a waste of time?

I wonder if I can claim to "work from home" tomorrow?


alan said...

You'll be able to buy the shirt.woot in a few days for $15 instead of $10.

I was thinking about it, too, but went to sleep not expecting it to sell out so fast.

Blonde said...

why are you asking so many questions like a girl?