Friday, August 01, 2008

I needs me a weekend

Friday never seemed to be more welcomed. The work load was different this week. Easy in the beginning of the week, difficult in the middle and a nice easy Friday to end. Well, not easy as I will stay busy, but in comparison to the last two it is a breeze.

Presentation went very well yesterday. I knew it would when people gave a round of applause after I said "monkey". Got kudos from some big execs as well as I made my manager and his boss very proud. About the only other thing I would like to hear is some feedback from the head honcho who was sitting in the back row. At least she wasn't reading the paper during my presentation.

The weekend looks to be a boozey good time. Though I have little clue what I will be up to tonight, plans are set for tomorrow. I figure if I can find time to mow the lawn I will be caught up on any yardwork. Until I take in the weedwhacker to get it repaired.

I will also be holding tryouts to set up my Rock Band. Yeah, I finally got around to picking one up. Now I can understand why people get addicted to Guitar Hero. But now that I can play guitar, bass, drum, or sing, I figure it has got to be 4xs better than GH. Only downside I have found is the USB hub they sent me didn't work. Looks like it may take a couple of weeks to get replaced through the company. That puts me at two instruments at a time. Not like I can play drums and sing at the same time. Yet.

It is addictive. And a lot of fun. I have yet to decide which I like better, playing songs I know or one that I have never heard. The one I don't know surprise me at times while the familiar tunes can confuse. I do think I could spend a couple hours playing drums or guitar on Detroit Rock City. Also the jump between easy and medium seems pretty big. Definitely a learning curve.

So who thinks they can sing?

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