Monday, August 11, 2008


I must correct myself from Friday. Not only was the booze bill greater than the food bill, it was also higher than the tank of gas I purchased. Suffice to say, I had myself a fantastic weekend. And I have all the bug bites to prove it.

When I got home I took what I like to call the end of camping weekend shower. From there I planted my ass on the couch to watch some TV, Brewers baseball (Kapler!!!), and to sleep when it felt good. I finally watched the first episode of Hard Knocks: Training camp with the Dallas Cowboys. For a Cowboys fan it is a great show. For a football fan it is a good show. For a Cowboys hater, you may want to stay away so you don't hurl a brick through your TV.

The show opens up with Terrell Owens running down the beach without a shirt on. Let the ladies swoon! I couldn't help but think how this opening shot would piss off non-Cowboys fans. I then began to think of how many teams could actually pull off a show like this. Only 4 teams have been chronicled, with one of them not even being aired on HBO. I can think of only a handful of teams that would make a good show that would get some decent ratings. I also thought that Ted Thompson should give the people at HBO a call and invite them in to his camp next year. He needs all the good PR he can get.

Back to the show. After T.O. does his running, they focus on the Dallas Cowboys organization. They show a simple unadorned silver helmet. They talk about how special this helmet is and how the star symbolizes the most dramatic team in all of sports. Yep. Not just football but all of sports. I think I heard some Eagles fans retching after that scene. I just nodded along like a parishioner in church hearing the gospel, listening to what I already know to be true.

The rest of the show was typical football fare. A couple story lines on individual players and how rookies adapt. Now that they have a preseason game under their belt the intensity should pick up.

But now it is back to the grind. The work week doesn't look much better than last week. The first thing I learned today is that I may have left someone traumatized over the weekend. That is the word they used. I had a message on my voicemail stating they hoped I check my voicemail (I do not) so they wouldn't obsess over an issue this weekend leaving them traumatized. I expect a spazzed out call sometime today.

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