Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Doin' that crazy handball!

I have little interest in the summer Olympics. Track and field, swimming, and gymnastics are not quite spectator sports to me. I am not going to stop to watch when I am flipping the channels on a weekend so why would I suddenly watch because it is the Olympics? Ok, I did watch Phelps win the 200m freestyle last night but that was because Scrubs was on a commercial.

There is one sport I did seek out some Olympic coverage on. Team handball. Two years ago I was too late to catch it so I had to be prepared this year. I did find some coverage. It was on at about 2 in the morning. Nice. I set the DVR and taped it on Sunday. Well, technically Monday. I remembered it just before going to sleep last night. I had to fast forward through a tennis match for an hour to get to the action. It would be Germany vs. South Korea, women's handball! I only watched a bit as I wanted to save it for my full, unsleepy attention. But what I did see looked exciting and I can't wait to get home to watch the full match.

Yes, I will not stop to watch a tennis match but put on a sport where I have no idea what the rules are and I will stare at the TV like a zombie trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Good thing they don't show any cricket on the cable or I would be a brain dead shell of a man.

I did catch part of the Bengals/Packers game last night. With preseason football I enjoy watching the first couple of series for each team. See what the starters can do against each other. Depending on the team I may watch some second stringers but by the time it hits the 3rd quarter you may as well be watching high school football. The final score doesn't really matter if your third teamers score a couple of touchdowns on a bunch of guys that will get cut in a week.

The action on the field was pretty much what you would expect from both teams in their first game in months. Some decent runs, breakdown in blocking, etc. Nothing that can't be fixed over the next couple of weeks.

Of course the real story was in the stands. No, not how they would treat Aaron Rogers if he had a poor game. But the stupid signs these idiots would bring, either showing support or ragging on the new QB. The first one I recall was cute, stating "Welcome to Mr. Rogers Neighborhood". If Packer fans are lucky, that neighborhood won't be a ghetto.

The second of note made no sense and the fan should be chastised by his buddies all season. After Rogers through his first TD pass, some clown was holding a sign that said "Only 440 to go to catch Favre". Ok. Will some tell this genius that preseason games do not count towards career stats? He should have his picture taken and distributed to all ticket takers to prevent him from entering the stadium again.

The final one I saw before turning the game off made even less sense. "Bring back Jet Favre". Ok, you can't just bring him back. He was traded you ignoramus. To "bring him back" you would need to cut the Jets a better deal, giving up more to get him that it was to keep him. That ain't going to happen.

I am sure there were more stupid signs to see but I had some drumming to do on Rock Band. I was having a hell of a time finishing the Outlaws hit "Green Grass and High Tides". There is a long, fast drum section at the end of the song that was kicking my ass. I was determined to finish this song one way or another. So I broke down the sections that were giving me trouble and practiced. I finally got my way through the song generating a nice score by hitting 91% of the notes. Not bad but not great. Song was a nice challenge that I will have to revisit soon. Plus after so many attempts I have the damn thing stuck in my head and will have to find a copy of it online. But it did open up some great tunes for me to tackle. I now have Metallica (Enter Sandman), Blue Oyster Cult (Don't Fear the Reaper- Cow bell anyone?), Kiss (Detroit Rock City), and the one song I have been waiting to play, Deep Purple's Highway Star. I am sure that one will be an ass kicker so I will save it for last.

Looks to be an extra long day at work. Thankfully I have cold beer waiting for me at home.

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