Friday, August 08, 2008

Drivers education

When you spend more money on booze than you do no food, it is going to be a good weekend.

I have chronicled my frustration with bad drivers before. I should get around to updating the list after my confrontation with a couple of idiots yesterday. It was after I saw someone pop their car into reverse and back up on the freeway to the exit they wanted to take that my mind was spinning around.

Who the hell taught these people to drive?

I remember back in high school taking drivers education. My teacher was Mr. Dahlke. He was some kind of shop teacher (drafting I believe) and was also the coach of the JV football team. I distinctly remember two items he taught us back in that class. First, always keep up with the flow of traffic. Even if everyone is speeding. Keep up the flow so you don't cause accidents by forcing other drivers to move around you. Second, if you miss an exit or need to change lanes, do not slow down and stop. Again, keep the flow of traffic moving. If need be, take the next exit and track back to where you want to go.

Nowadays people feel it is their God given right to drive whatever speed they want in whatever lane they want. They don't care about keeping the flow of traffic going or coming to a dead stop, causing mayhem behind them just so they can catch their exit.

The other day I had someone lay on their horn as I went by because they wanted to change lanes into the one I was already in. Apparently I was supposed to read their mind and know they wanted to move over one spot. Moron! Hopefully I don't run into many of the brain dead on the road this weekend.

Only 3.5 hours until freedom!

Part of the preparation for this weekend entailed the aforementioned food/booze shopping. I was thinking of doing a "normal" shopping trip but got bored quickly and decided I just needed camping stuff. I found what I was looking for in the deli before heading off to the snack section. There I had two find two simple items. Pretzel rods and Combos. I walked up and down that aisle for 5 minutes trying to find pretzel rods. I might have well been searching for gold. I found twists, sticks, nuggets, and criss cross pretzels. I found mustard and BBQ flavored pretzels. But no rods. I was dropping f-bombs until I found some on the bottom shelf hidden in the back. Damn pretzel hiders!

But I wasn't out of the woods yet. I needed Combos too. I spent another 5 minutes scanning shelves, moving up and down the aisle searching for a bag of Combos. No such luck. I knew where they should have been but they weren't there. It was like the Chex Mix launched an invasion and took over their shelf space. I would swear on a stack of Bibles that the store I was in did not have a single bag of Combos in the store. I was even tempted to take out my phone and shoot video of all the shelves to prove there were no Combos but I didn't want to have security come up and kick me out of the store for being crazy. I did however see security leading some guy back into the store as I left.

That is all I have today. Rock on with your bad selfs this weekend.

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