Thursday, August 07, 2008

Cold beer

As I sat in the meeting, my mind kept wandering to this weekend. I was thinking about packing the truck, getting beer, and more importantly, getting the beer cold.

I managed to feign attention at the right times and actually answer questions as they were asked. I was totally in the zone, not getting trapped in la la land as I dreamed of maximizing the coldness of beer.

Specifically, when to buy the ice and pour in the cooler. I will be leaving work around noon and going offsite to take care of an exam. After the exam is complete I will drive off to the campsite. Thus I was considering the best time to get the ice. Shouldn't be a problem you are saying to to yourself. But there is always a hitch.

The cooler I have is 20 years old. I even remember exactly how I came to own it. Thus it is not as efficient in keeping the contents cold for extended time periods. All the ice will be water by mid-Saturday while other cooler will keep the ice until Sunday. Thus if I ice the beer down too early it may be water by Friday night. Don't want that.

The other issue would be to get ice too late which could mean the beer is not cold enough by the time I am pulling one out to enjoy. Which would be roughly 80 minutes after I finish the exam. Thus my conundrum.

I am hoping to get the ice before the exam but cannot guarantee I have time to do. I guess if worse comes to worse I just get a beer our of someone else's cooler and switch once the beer is chilled.

Beyond beer I will need to configure my truck and the stuff that is going in. I thought I could keep everything in as is but that is not the best idea. The major reason would be that the cooler would be on top of a cot and tent and could slosh around. Plus I would need to reach in to get access to the cooler when the ice time arrives. I figure I load it in such a manner as how I will need the items as they come out. Cooler, tent, cot, sleep bag, clothes.

Yes, that is the summation of my life. The biggest concern I have is getting my beer cold. I hope I can ride this wave for a while.

Edit: My late meeting for today just got cancelled. Man I hope something doesn't bite me in the ass to cancel out all this good mojo!

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AletaR said...

I'm pretty sure one of your friends will switch out a cold beer with you. I would get the ice prior to your meeting. Then you'll have something to think about for the next 3-4 hours. cold beer in my truck.