Wednesday, August 06, 2008

the Greatest

Looks like ESPN has a very interesting poll going for NFL teams. For each team they ask the simplest question. Who is the greatest in that team's history?

The Rooster sent me the link for Who is the Greatest in Cowboys history? I took a quick look down the list and didn't know where to begin. So many players that I have admired over the last 20 years along with player I never got to see live but had seen highlights or read about their achievements. I had to choose between Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Roger Staubach, Tony Dorsett, Michael Irvin, Larry Allen, Bob Lilly, Randy ''the Manster" White, Mel Renfro, and Rayfield Wright.

I did make my choice which when viewing the results was apparently in the minority. I was able to eliminate a couple people right off the bat. Very good players in the team's history just didn't qualify for being the greatest. Wright, Renfro, Allen, Irvin were gone. Though I loved watching the Manster attack offensive lines, he just wasn't there either. Next I eliminated the 70s guys, Staubach and Dorsett. That left me with Aikman, Smith, and Mr. Cowboy, Bob Lilly. As much as I wanted to I couldn't vote for my favorite Cowboy of all time, Troy Aikman.

So it was down to Emmitt Smith and Bob Lilly. My mouse went to Emmitt's name and was about to click. But then I thought of heritage. Lilly did more for this team both on and off the field than Smith. Emmitt may hold both team and league records but I couldn't vote him the greatest Cowboy ever. Thus I voted Bob Lilly. It wasn't shocking to see 51% of the vote had Emmitt first, followed by Staubach and Aikman. Only 5% chose Lilly.

I wouldn't be shocked to see recent stars be voted each team's greatest. Well, except for the Bears. If it isn't Butkus or Payton then they are stupider than we all think.

Here is the link for the Packers. It will be interesting to see how Favre goes in this contest. Personally, I would vote Don Hutson. He helped change the way a receiver was used in the game.


BamBam said...

I'm with you on Hutson. But apparently, we're in the 2.6 percentile.
I do think that from that list, Farve has to be considered a top two.
It's a Packers list of "greatest." That's not to easy to do for a team with such a long history of just that... Being a team!

Bayne_S said...

So much easier as a Bucs fan.

Choice really comes down to LeeRoy Selman or Derrick Brooks.

One is only Bucs player in hall of fame and probably only made 6 Pro Bowls because of how dreadful team around him was.