Thursday, August 07, 2008

The fan you can have

I have been watching all the reactions in the Packers/Favre blow up with amusement for the past couple of weeks. It was high entertainment for this Dallas Cowboys fan. A trifecta of ineptitude. I can't believe that all three sides- the Packers, Favre, and the fans- could handle such a situation so poorly.

It was fan reaction that make me laugh the most. It was either team loyalty or Favre loyalty. That part confused me a bit. There really should be no question as to where your loyalty should lie in a situation like this. You stick with the team.

You know players have only so many years but the team will always be there.

It was bad enough I had to hear updates on the story every day from the local media but now they have gone further by creating stories. Thus I laughed when I read this story in the Milwaukee Journal:

Greg Kurzynski of Greenfield is frustrated with the Green Bay Packers for
trading Brett Favre to the New York Jets and he's in mourning.So he did what
you're supposed to do when there's a tragedy.He's flying his Packers flag at
half staff."When I woke up this morning and saw that they had made the trade, I
had to so something," he said. "It was just eating me up."Kurzynski, a lifelong
Wisconsinite and Packers fan, said he bought a Packers flag when he moved from
South Milwaukee to a house on Howard Ave. in 2003. He flies it on game days.He's
been on vacation from work for the past two weeks and fuming over what looked to
him like the Packers seeming to push Favre away.Usually Kurzynski spends his
vacation at Packers training camp, but he couldn't this year, he said, because
Favre wasn't going to be under center.Kurzynski said a letter to Packers general
manager Ted Thompson would just be ignored. He figured a flag placed in a
position of distress would get more attention.He lowered the flag, then mowed
his lawn. His wife, Gloria, called the newspaper and a television station.So now
Kurzynski has two teams. He said he's going to order his New York Jets jersey
once the Jets' official online store comes back up. The Web site had been down
all morning, Kurzynski said.Kurzynski will watch Jets games on television, he
said. He will watch the Packers too, if the games aren't on at the same
time.Kurzynski and his wife have mapped out a game-time routine during their 38
years of marriage. He sits on the edge of his chair and can't be interrupted.
Gloria Kurzynski will listen in, but she won't let a game stop her from doing
chores around the house."I'll watch," she said, "but only if I bet on it."

I first reaction after laughing was "Wow, what a douchebag". This guy is not fan. He is an attention grabbing whore. I am willing to bet he told his wife to call the paper and television stations just so he could be on TV or in the news. Now he is going to get Jets jersey for what, a protest? Furthermore he basically indicates he will watch Jets games first.

It is dopes like this that that give real fans a bad name. If he has any friends they will do what is proper and ridicule him for not only turning his back on the team, but for being a poseur all these years.

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