Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A confession or Who would you take in a fight?

Things have been really busy for me today. Like a bull running through a china shop my work day seemed to explode into a million tiny bits. Now that I have had time to pull out the broom and sweep the shards away I can post.

I had all kinds of things to say earlier but now they are gone. Like a somewhat embarrassing thing that happened that made me feel like a retard yesterday. Or the inheritance I picked up or the sad conversation I had with my father. I could talk about how I was shocked the replacement USB hub arrived within a week of me notifying the people at EA.

But instead I feel the need to confess something. Something that I am not necessarily proud of but also need to come clean on. I think I can preface this a bit better.

Who would you take in a fight.... Corey Feldman or Corey Haim?

Yes, I admit it. I have been watching the Two Coreys on A&E on Sundays. I tell you it is the most beautiful train wreck you will ever see. Especially the last episode where the two were going to fight. Awesome stuff!

Watching these two goofballs act like they are stars is hilarious. Haim is a loser. He has no sense of reality. In his head he is still a star and everyone should bow to him and give him what he wants. He has yet to realize that the past is the past. Now he is a nobody. Some of the best stuff is when he freaks out when people don't know who he is or don't give in to his bullshit. Dude is still strung out on drugs but won't admit it. The last thing he wants to do is admit responsibility for any of his actions which simply makes him seem like a raving maniac.

Feldman on the other hand has realized he must move on. He has a pretty damn attractive wife who is willing to show her goodies in Playboy. And some nice goodies they are! He takes some acting gigs when they come up but his real passion now is music and singing. Best part is the guy can't sing worth shit. The Valentine's Day episode is priceless. As he tries to explain a song he has written for his wife to the piano player, he gets a look of bewilderment in return. The piano man just about shakes his head when he hears Feldman's voice. Even better, Feldman cannot remember the words to the song and later screws it up when he sings to her in front of the small orchestra he has hired.

So on the last episode they were ready to come to blows- or at least Haim was- and they both vowed to never talk to the other every again. Until the next episode that is. But it did get me to wondering. Who do you take in this fight? Feldman or Haim? On one hand Feldman may be the stronger of the two. He is most balanced in his life and has his wits about him. But Haim could harness crazy man strength and deliver the whooping while he is doped up. It is close but I think crazy man actions win out.

I guess watching the Two Coreys ain't the worst thing I could do. I mean, I could be watching something worse like I Love Money...

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SirFWALGMan said...

I put $20 on Feldman.