Monday, August 04, 2008

The evil that pants bring on

I know it is the dog days of summer when I loather having to put on pants every morning before going to work. Instantly I feel my body temperature rise as he pant envelopes a leg. As I step outside the house the humidity in the air attacks spiking the temp up even more. Pants are evil. An evil that only the weekend can defeat.

I could rail on shirts as well but won't. The sunburn I got this weekend would make me want to rant on shirts but that is more futile. I should have known better than to let white shoulders bear the brute force of the sun without any protection. Thankfully the burn is not too bad. Just slightly annoying. But I had a great time drinking in the park on Saturday so the complaint is minimal and shirts will get a free pass.

Boxers on the other hand, well, that is another story altogether. You don't want to get me started there.

I had an enjoyable low key weekend. Took it easy on Friday, spent a Saturday at a party drinking from noon on to midnightish. Took it easy on Sunday. Now I am well rested for a onslaught of a work week that looks to be a real bitch. But there is light at the end of the tunnel with an escape from the city to a campground with a big lake. And plenty of ribs to eat on Saturday.

I did learn some thing this weekend. Among them:
  • Watching Jerry Springer shows in a bar with just the closed captioning makes the show even more idiotic than it appears. I wish I could make a ton of money by having both actors and idiots come on stage and make fools of themselves.
  • I have tickets for the Foo Fighters concert at the end of the month during the Harley Davidson bash. Not sure who I will offer the other ticket to. Or if I can make some big bucks by selling them on eBay. Depends if there is free beer or not. I may be able to go to the show and drink for free which means I will go.
  • Some people are clueless about their surroundings at a picnic site. During the party on Saturday one group came in and plopped their stuff down right next to the washer game. They were close to be on top of it. Now the game was set out before they were. Why would you put chairs within a foot of a game that has metal washers flying through the air? Of course the same group also put chairs underneath the pinata so they weren't the smartest people to begin with.
  • Damn I still love watermelon. I also have a philosophy about eating watermelon and how it relates to cunnilingus. I feel like using a Bracelet line now, like "ladies, you are intrigued, aren't you?".
  • I continued on my Rock Band quest of greatness. I like how some songs are just damn fund to play. I think the Foo Fighters' Learn to Fly may be my favorite drum song. A challenge with lots of action back and forth across the kit. Fun stuff.
  • Washers is still a much better game than cornhole or ladder golf.

Time to work. Go check out the latest Truckin'. Some of the best writers are back for another go around.

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