Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Douchebag fan still a douchebag

It was bad enough when the paper gave this moron his 15 minutes of fame last week. Now they go and act like a follow up was necessary. Why? To confirm his douchebaggery status?

Let's get to the meat of the story and why this guy is still a Class A idiot.
Kurzynski gave Rodgers some credit for his work in four series against the Cincinnati Bengals, but that doesn't mean Kurzynski was in love with the performance.

"His passes were just a little late," Kurzynski said.

Receivers got popped, he said, because Rodgers didn't get the ball out fast enough.

Kurzynski said the team can be measured by the final score: "We didn't win."

And, there was just a certain ... something that was missing. "What I was hoping to see was a nice 40-yard bomb into the end zone like Favre would throw," he said.

Classic arm chair coach here. His passes were late and the receivers got popped. What the hell is that supposed to mean? The guy is watching on TV. He doesn't know if the receivers are wide open and the ball is late getting there from watching it on television. It could be good defense that is getting the receivers "popped". Or the receiver is running a sloppy route. This is just a dillweed whining some more.

Furthermore he complains about the score. It is a preseason game! It doesn't matter if you win or lose. It doesn't help you win the division or get you one step closer to the Super Bowl. What really matters is what the first string does, and whether anyone looks to be able to step in and make the team.

There is one pass that Rogers should have connected on that maybe, just maybe, Favre would have. To whine about a 40 yard bomb being completed is beyond stupid. A bomb may not even be in the game plan and for him to say Favre would have done it makes him the biggest douchebag in the city. He can claim he is about the team first but his actions have already shown that to not be the case.

I think Einstein should read this article in the Wall Street Journal. A couple highlights from it:
It would have been refreshing if at least one of the worshipful media folk at the press conference had replied, "Well, actually, Brett, you're here because after months of vacillating on your retirement and putting the Packers through hell -- and forcing them into using a valuable draft pick on an extra quarterback because they didn't know whether you'd be playing for them this season -- you tried to bully them into either making you the starter or trading you to a team of your choice. Like a prima donna, you put your own desires ahead of the welfare of the organization to which you professed loyalty. Now you've been dumped on one of the NFL's most desperate franchises because no one else wanted you."
Ouch! But it gets better

But there is also considerable evidence that he is nowhere near, as his admirers claim, the greatest passer ever to play the game or that he even ranks in the top 25. Mr. Favre's trademark has always been productivity over quality. He's been remarkably durable with the daring to throw the ball more than any other passer, but he hasn't always thrown it better. He has never, for instance, led the NFL in the league's passer-rating system, which measures effectiveness with various statistics. (In comparison, Joe Montana led the league twice; Mr. Montana's successor at San Francisco, Steve Young, was first six times, and Peyton Manning three times.)

Mr. Favre has probably been excused by fans for not winning a passer-rating title because its formula is so complex most fans don't understand it. However, in the single most important passing stat, yards per attempt (YPA), he has also never led the league and finished as high as second only once (in 1995 with a 7.7 average). Pittsburgh's Ben Roethlisberger currently leads the league in active players at over 8.1 yards per throw.

It's true that Mr. Favre holds the all-time record for TD passes (442), but what isn't as well known is that he also holds the record for most interceptions (288).

I am sure he would dismiss the author- assuming he can read- as a hack but the guy has a steady track record of comparing teams and players based on their stats. The points he makes are pretty solid. Favre has done a lot for the Packers and should be grateful any team has decided to pick him up. He is not and has not been the be all end all of QBs.


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why can't anyone remember 16 years ago when Brett started for the Packers? His feats didn't happen over-night.

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