Thursday, September 25, 2008

But it all was bullshit!

I found myself at work at 6am yesterday. After being away a couple of days it was taking me a couple more days to get caught up. It was all crap work that prevented me from getting some real work done. I was able to tune in and tune out to everything else and get caught up.

Things have been busy for me lately. Lots of obstacles in life from shelling out big bucks for some plumbing to my mom being in the hospital to wondering if my cat is going to be around for another couple of years. Some time is seems like a lot of bullshit. But then I look around and realize that is all it is. I should be happy nothing major is happening. Well my mom being in the hospital was major but she is ok now.

I tend to shrug off a lot of things that bother other people. It must be my tendency to look for the brighter side of life. I am an optimist. Even when things look bad there is some good there somewhere.

Take the financial crisis the banking system is in. It isn't as bad as people want to believe. It ain't all peaches and cream either. It is somewhere in between and without action, it will get worse. Being in part of the industry helps me understand quite a bit of what is going on. But I am not going to claim to know all answers. What I am going to do is take advantage of what is going on.

Good investments can be made right now. You always make money when people panic. Prices get pushed too far down. In a year or two you will find yourself at much higher prices. Best yet, there is no secret. You buy good companies. The trick? Pulling the trigger. As the market gyrates back and forth it is takes some testicular fortitude to jump in the water. Whether you are right or wrong a day later won't matter if you buy a strong company. If you are lucky you benefit immediately. If not, it just takes a bit longer.

The biggest mistake you can make is to listen to politicians bemoan how bad things are. Worse yet is to let them try to fix this mess. They have no clue what to do except throw money at the situation. You let them do that and they will tack on other items that have nothing to do with the crisis. Oh wait, they are.

People make bad choices. If they bought a house they couldn't afford or a mortgage they didn't understand then they should suffer the consequences. No one is coming to save me for the plumbing I had to do last week. If more people took responsibility for their actions we wouldn't have problems like this. People are still buying houses. They will buy these houses up at great prices because they were smart enough not to take unnecessary risk. Just like stocks. You buy low and sell high.

Done ranting.

This came up at the bar last night. One of my favorite Adam Sandler bits. It fits todays theme.

Good shirt seen Sunday at the Cowboys game:

If God was a Packers fan,
he would have given them Tony Romo

Speaking of the Packers... cornerback Al Harris ruptured/tore his spleen on Sunday night. The first doctor told him is was ruptured and he should shut it down for the year. The Packers didn't like that so they went for a second opinion. Why? Am I wrong to assume this isn't the Packer's physician. Their number one guy. The doctor they trust the most? Why is his diagnosis suddenly bad?

I wonder how insulted he was when they said they wanted a second opinion. Was he as insulted when the Packers then wanted a third opinion? And then a fourth? They are going to get Harris seriously hurt by doing this. They will probably let him play in a month just to see him go out and either 1) Suck and get burnt repeatedly, or 2) get hurt and lost for more than a year.

Seriously, why don't they just go to Dr. Nick and get his clearance already.

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