Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I just love having dreams that make absolutely no sense at all. Ones that have me scratching my head instead of my butt when I wake up. A dream that can only confuse you more when you try to figure out exactly what the hell was going on or if you should dare to interpret a meaning from it.

I had one of those dreams last night. I was in a movie. A Indiana Jones type of movie with continuous action as I tried to find my way through caves that had all kinds of machinery in it. You know, the kind that only the evil villain would put into a mountaintop. As I made my way through the caves I would go lower and lower, taking on the harsh heat at first, then cold, and then a banquet room. Hey, I said it didn’t make sense.

I outran some wolves and some beast that was some kind of dinosaur. I even led Dirk Benedict out of the computer room, shouting at someone that it wasn’t who he thought it was and that it was Faceman from the A Team. I wish I could recall who he was thought to have been but the name eludes me as of now.

I recall the ending the most. Me and Face got to this frozen piece of metal. As we began to cross over it, it began to separate. Below us was a banquet room about 20 feet below. It appeared to be empty but in reality it wasn’t. The villain had his henchmen to the side waiting. I guess I was a pansy character as I didn’t jump down like Face did to begin the fight. I waited until I saw a cabinet I could drop 10 feet down onto and then to the ground from there. I took my time as I only got into the brawl at the end and hit someone after the fighting was over.

I then left the banquet room to find my friends. I walked into the opening that looked like the entrance from a mall into a casino. There were a bunch of people in a hot tub partying, celebrating the victory. They were all clothed and drinking champagne. In the tub leading the party was Al. As he was about to make a toast, Iggy came around the corner to celebrate and started handing out cigarettes to everyone. It was at that time that I woke up wondering what had just happened.

Not sure where that crazy dream came from. It wasn’t like I ate anything strange. I had a nice tenderloin off the girl cooked to a perfect medium. That shouldn’t cause it. Didn’t drink any alcoholic beverages just before bedtime either. Or could it be because I hadn't drank last night?

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Krista said...

I'm not sure how I found your blog, but it's been on my Google Reader for a while and I have to say...I pee a little bit each morning as I sit down and read it. Thanks for a laugh to start my day. Tonight I'll drink my first $2 beer to you.