Friday, October 03, 2008

Maybe I could get my stomach pumped

I have felt sluggish the last couple of days. A combination of bad food and no exercise has left me feeling lethargic. Is that what playoff baseball does to you?

I need to get back on track. Way too many donuts, cookies, and candy bars this past week. These foods always tear me up inside and I simply cannot take it. I believe that the food you eat has an effect on how you feel on a daily basis. The drastic change in what I have eaten this past week only reinforces that belief.

One would probably be surprised if they saw what I usually eat. I don’t eat fast food. I don’t eat a lot of frozen items. I live a Midwest diet of meat and vegetables. I could live on steak, stir frys, and chili.

Great. Now I want a bowl of chili.

If you couldn’t tell I have having a hard time focusing on work today. From the minute I woke up I knew I would have a hard time at getting anything done today. I am thinking weekend. I am thinking relaxation and cutting the lawn. I am thinking of drinking with friends.

I am thinking that not much will be changing at Big Mommas no matter how many people come in to look at the place. Same story yesterday- 6 beers, no pay. Sweet! About the only change I saw was them putting new oil in the deep fryers. I laughed when I realized that one of the first things they were doing was cleaning the kitchen. The scrubbed the grill, fryers, and the hood. I would bet my life savings that the kitchen hadn’t been cleaned like that in over a year.

More new faces were in and around the bar. Apparently there are two guys that bought the place. I noticed that when a guy walked behind the bar to turn the radio off after getting a tour of the newly cleaned kitchen. Same guy had his father in looking at the place. What I didn’t see was anyone with a clipboard taking notes on all the repairs that need to be made.

Another early observance has been the absence of the local thugs. It has been only two days but I haven’t seen any of the young kids that were coming into the bar and getting free drinks. Sure some of them are in jail but that does not explain where the others are. Guess we will see this weekend.

Still holding off hope for a Brewers win tomorrow. C'mon Crew. Let's do it at home!


BamBam said...

If we truly are made up completely based on our consumption habits, as you state is your belief, I Sir... will be one of the finest Single Malts you've ever met then.

Have a great weekend!

AletaR said...

And here I ate pretty healthy this week in hopes of having my first McRib of the season. Having second thoughts now.

OMW said...

no. this isn't it.