Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Let's get it stared with a W today

I heard the rip when I was getting out of my car at work. The fabric covering the right elbow gave away. Damn! Why couldn't it have ripped when I was putting the shirt on? Thankfully it is a short day as I am taking off to watch the first Brewers playoff game.

Still feels good to type. Brewers playoff game.

Even if they don't go far in the playoffs it has still be a fun and successful season. The ramifications of this appearance cannot be truly measured at this time. The dollars being spent not just on team merchandise but at bars and restaurants will be big. Those dollars spent on the team give us a chance to possible bring back Sabathia or Sheets next year. Or at least give thema chance to make a competitive offer or grab another solid starter for next year. If they can win this first series- which isn't as tough at the Philadelphia writers would have you think- they can really make some moves to stay a contender for next year.

I am still looking at living in the moment. I have said it many a time over the past 5 months that I was going to enjoy the season. I want this fun to last as long as it possibly can.

Off to a different topic. Dubious claims in advertising. I have heard a rash of radio commercials lately from debt consolidation companies talking about the "secrets credit card companies don't want you to hear" or "how the credit card companies want to keep you in debt". I shake my head in disbelief every time I hear this bullshit. I can't believe that anyone actually believes there are secrets being hashed out in the back room of Capital One finding ways to screw over a person with their credit cards. They make it sound like it is a crime for them to raise your interest rate because you didn't pay your bill. Or even worse that they may kill your credit.

Hint: It is the owner of the card that is causing the rate to go up or ruining their credit, not the card company. The secret they don't want you to know? Pay off the balance and we won't raise your rate. Is that such a secret?

I guess it is when you are too lazy to work and pay your bills. Too many people are suggesting the easy way out instead of working hard to earn money to pull yourself out of the predicament you put yourself in. And they wonder why they cannot get a loan later in life.

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