Thursday, October 02, 2008

The more things change, the more they stay the same

Been a while since I spent 9 hours in a bar during the week. Interesting thing was I got a good buzz and it only cost me about $7. Not too shabby I say.

Oh, that is a seven dollar buzz at the same place but with new management. The new people seem ok. Got a free shot out of it. That was the capper shot. I did have the pregame and post game shots with Al. Toss in who knows how many beers and for 7 bucks it was still a bargain. To think I thought I might have to pay for drinks. Soon enough I will but I am going to ride this pony for all it is worth.

With new owners come new people in a bar. Lots of strange faces last night. Some good some bad. It will get interesting come Sunday. I am curious to see how the football crowd reacts. I know most of the guys will like the rack on the chick in charge but will not like the ring on the finger.

I am also going to keep an eye on the new people and their drinking. Last night they seemed to be getting plowed just like the clientele. This business strategy did not work for the last owner so I will watch to see if this was an opening night party for them or if it is to be a regular occurrence. Word is he has run bars in the past. Running a bar is not the glory job most people believe it to be. I know I wouldn't necessarily want to run a bar. Maybe have a piece of ownership but not running it.

I have debated on whether to go straight to the bar to catch the Brewers game or get a 12 pack and watch from home. Don't know why I debate myself on these issues as I know pretty much what will happen. I may go home but it is just for a change of clothes.


OMW said...

"been awhile since I spent 9 hours in the bar"
WTF? I th9ought uyou were I drinker.
I do that several nights a week.

StB said...

Sitting in front of the TV with a can of Pabst in your hand watching Cheers does not mean you are in a bar.

OMW said...

I fgoubnd it.
What is "cheers"?
Is that a show you old guys us to watch?