Friday, November 14, 2008

What do I think about the suckhole that is Milwaukee radio?

I know my musical tastes are not in the mainstream. As you can hear from the player, I can be all over the map. I have my opinions on what is good or bad. I understand I cannot change what kind of music someone else likes nor do I want to try. But I will give some input when someone asks me to. That is why I found myself at a radio station to give some input on the suckhole that is Milwaukee radio.

Not sure how they selected this eclectic group. Maybe it was random, maybe it was people that have written letters to the station telling them how much they sucked. Maybe they looked for people who could easily be bribed with pizza, a bobblehead, and twenty bucks. There was about a dozen of us in a conference room. Various ages, but mostly in the 30s, early 40s at the latest. Some married, some not. Employment varied from landscapers to financial consultants to comic book illustrator to even an anesthesiologist. Even more interesting was there wasn’t a single chick in the whole group. Slightly disappointing when the girl who asked me questions when I got there was kinda cute. Plus I wanted to hoping to see if that little rack she had was artificially enhanced or not. I think it was but I did not get enough time to come to a conclusion.

They started off by asking everyone how they listen to radio in general on a typical work day. Interesting to hear some of the comments given. Except for one person, everyone gushed about the morning show. It was as if the hosts walked into the room these people would have mobbed them with hugs and kisses. I like the morning show but don’t believe it to be the biggest thing in the world to me like the others did.

They then went on to the music and advertising. The majority wanted them to open the catalog a bit more. Stop playing the same AC/DC songs all the time etc. I asked them to simply stop playing Nickelback altogether. That would make me happy. They also talked about other stations ni the area and our thoughts.

They ended the session with what pisses you off about the station. Most people were not too critical. Maybe it was because we were running low on time but people gave short answers like they wanted more of the morning show. I tried to get in my own points. I reiterated my request to stop playing Nickelback. Then I mentioned how they should play some harder stuff. That the listener that enjoy it when they play Metallica or Megadeth would also like to hear Anthrax, Slayer, or Pantera. You don’t have to play the heaviest of the stuff these bands have but you can play some of there radio friendly songs. Finally, I told them it would be nice if they played more new music. That they wouldn’t play one track and then ditch the rest of the album in favor of older music by the artist. They did that with new music by Def Leppard and Motley Crue this year and are well on their way to doing the same thing with Metallica.

The guy who was conducting the meeting was from the corporate headquarter in Connecticut. He did a good job of keeping things on pace and interesting. I found it interesting how they did not have the station manager in to hear what was going on or to get some feedback. That would have been better. They did give a brief tour of the building (yawn!) followed by a talk with the late afternoon DJ. Dude was cool and shot the shit with everyone.

So I said my piece and got beer money in return. It was worth experiencing though I doubt much will change. I still think it would have been nice to rail on the person who chooses the music they actually play or at least to have been given a reason as to how they choose what songs are going on the air.

Most of my gang looks to be gone this weekend. Going up to Green Bay for the Packers game on Sunday. Hope they don't freeze their asses off. I intend to take it easy and catch the UFC fights on Saturday. Between imbibing on malted beverages all weekend that is.

Rock on with your bad selfs!


AletaR said...

"Most of my gang looks to be gone this weekend" feeling a little like chopped liver right now.

Anonymous said...

where can u see the fights? not many places carry them

StB said...

Going to a friend's house to watch. There are still some places in the Milwaukee area that have them on. I believe Romine's still carries them. Hooters may as well.

Hey Jo said...

I guess he doesn't want to come to your candle party :(