Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Damn lights making me go outside

It took me about 50 minutes to clear the snow from my sidewalks. It was 4 inches of heavy snow with a nice crust of slush underneath. The crust is now ice after the temperature dropped into the single digits overnight. Now I have to get some salt to make sure that it doesn’t become an ice slick. Oh and I am going out of town tomorrow.

I wasn’t woken up by my neighbor this morning. That was odd. The forecast was for up to 3 more inches before morning. My alarm went off without me hearing the familiar scraping of a shovel. Just as I hit the snooze I heard a noise and sure enough one scrape. But that was it. A scrape, silence, and then a door closing. He wasn’t shoveling today? I guess we didn’t get any snow overnight. Nice! But I had to get out of bed anyways to verify this fact for myself.

I peered out of the kitchen window and saw nothing. The street was dark. It shouldn’t be but it was. The light on the corner was out. So was the one by the alley. Mutha Bucker! I unleashed some more profanities as I knew I had to get dressed and go outside where it was maybe 12 degrees. I had to at least check the driveway to make sure I could get the truck out. If the plow came by there was a good chance I had a foot of snow piles in that could be rock hard. Just the way you want to start your morning. Working on ice with a pick axe. I bundled up and went to survey the situation. The plow hadn’t come through at all. There was no snow except for a slight dusting that covered the ice giving it a bit of grip. Neighbor was right. There wasn’t a need to shovel.

I took a walk to the front of the house and looked around in the darkness. It was only my corner that was dark. Quarter of a block away the lights were on in each direction. That didn’t matter though. There is something beautiful about being outside early in the morning after a snowfall. There is no traffic. It is peaceful. The snow adds a bit of purity to the scene. Though it is cold, it is quite serene and comfortable. It provided a nice calm feeling to start the day.

And now that I am at work the calmness is gone. I have been blinded by the sun coming through the windows. I have shade down to try and block the sunlight from all angles. But it somehow still manages to blind me. Whether it is a reflection off a cabinet or an icicle hanging (there is a wager on whether that icicle reaches down to the window below as it is currently about 7 feet in length with about a foot to go), the sun still manages to blind me.

Then I took a look at the gifts I bought on Amazon last week. The shipment notice came through and it is telling me some of the gifts ordered a week ago may not be delivered by December 24. WTF??? They cannot get this stuff delivered in 3 weeks? This wouldn’t piss me off but why am I not alerted to this when I am making the purchase? The say it is in stock but is it really? Just take the damn toy off of the warehouse shelf, put it in a box and send it to me. That does not seem too hard.

The worst part is the gift is for a 5 year old. They won’t be happy if they do not receive a present. That means I have to scramble to find something else to give to them. Then I have to get her two sisters something else as well because it has to be fair and equal.

Maybe I can give the other two a boot in the ass and call it even…

Doesn't matter in the long haul. Nor the short haul either. By this time tomorrow I will be on a plane heading to Vegas. Until I get back, rock on with your bad selfs!

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