Thursday, December 11, 2008

State of Euphoria

It is such a good feeling. You make it through the day, surviving those last couple of hours, zoning out, thinking more about your vacation than the work you are supposed to be doing. The last 2 hours seem like 5. They drag on.

But you reach the finish line. As you change your voice mail message a shot of adrenaline shoots through your body. You click the "out of office" function on your email just before shutting it down. You grab your stuff and head- no run- out of the building, smiling.

People ask if you are staying in town or going anywhere special. You say one word. Vegas. You smile a bit more as the look of jealousy comes across their face.

In a euphoric state you walk to your car, feeling the stress of the workplace melt off of you. Your thoughts are of raising the douchebag with the sunglasses in the 3 seat or yelling Pai Gow at the top of your lungs instead of what the Dow does or whether some dipshit has completed their training. No snow for a couple of days. No shoveling. No waking up early to drive to work in the cold.

Just some time away to be carefree and happy.

See y'all in a couple.


goooooood girl said...

your blog is very good......

DrChako said...

Carefree and happy > drunk and moody.

See you there.