Friday, December 26, 2008


It is bad enough I feel like I gained 50 pounds this week after eating everything in sight and not getting a decent workout in because of all the shoveling that has gone down. It was bad enough closing the bar on Wednesday after the owner decided to play Santa Claus and announce a new shot special every five minutes. Sure we didn't have to participate but that money wasn't looking right sitting on the bar.

No, I had to be the one to volunteer to work today. To sacrifice sleep and wake up at 5:30 just to haul my butt into a building and monitor what is going on. I am hoping my act of kindness in allowing a coworker to have the day to spend with his wife and kids pays off. So far it has not but that may change. I may be the only one working in my area. That could mean putting music on and rockin all day. Hopefully no one else shows up.

I do feel a bit ill from all the food I have eaten over the past 3 days. What I need is some time to relax and exercise. Riding a bike always makes me feel better. It is what I need. Seeing that we may get a break from snow for a week looks like a gift from heaven. That is after is snows/sleets/rains today to make everything a gift from hell. The last thing I need is to walk out of the bar to find an inch of ice on my truck.

But for now I will have to focus on getting the pile of paperwork done. I need to get through 5 hours here. If only I could play poker from work...

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