Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Luck runs out

How is it that when you mention there may be an extra ticket to an event people have no interest until the last minute?

I have had inquiries from people about whether I have any extra tickets for Monday's Metallica show. There was the possibility 2 months ago but no one wanted them then. Now people do. Even the guy who knows Metallica's road manager can't get tickets for the show which seems funny since tickets are still available. Guess he didn't want a ticket he would have to pay for.

On a related note, All Nightmare Long would be a great tune to open the show with. Long intro that can be played offstage allowing them to get into position, hit the lights and start the show with a bang.

It will be interesting to see Metallica once again. I have been to their shows 6 times in my life with the first one being 20 years ago. Been some lulls in their music since the 80s but they hit one out of the park with Death Magnetic. Should be a fun one.

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