Wednesday, January 07, 2009

To do list

Oh how I missed waking up early to shovel snow. There was only a couple inches to clear off of the sidewalk but it had to be done nonetheless. More that I had expected but less than what I dreamt about. My dream had me waking up and staring outside at the 3 feet of snow that was being cleared away by a pickup truck. Yes, there was a truck going down the sidewalk clearing away all the snow. And it was about 3 feet because I measure it with my shovel this morning.

Maybe I should give some more thought into getting a snowblower up and running while there is a lull in the action. I guarantee if I get a machine fixed it won’t snow much for the fest of the season. Murphy’s Law will kick in and the precipitation will halt. Better yet, I should raise money to make it happen. Give me a couple bucks Milwaukee and the snow will be no more. Big snowfalls that is. I can’t do anything about what we got overnight.

I am back to giving more consideration on buying new furniture. Long overdue in that department. With most companies begging for sales it looks like furniture is pretty damn cheap so I should go out and get something new. There are two hurdles that are preventing me from getting a nice leather couch and chair. First, I am too lazy to go out shopping. I would most likely need to go to a couple of different stores to look around and find something I like. That would take up a Saturday and maybe a Sunday. I really need someone to go with me as well as I would probably go into one store and just buy something and then lament over the fact I could have gotten something else. Or I would want to stop at a bar for a beer between store and the trip would then be called off because I wouldn't want to leave.

The second hurdle is what to do with my old couch and love seat. It used to be with all the snow outside it would be hard to move. With the melting that isn’t a problem. Do I want to just put it out back and let the alley people have it? Or could I donate to some place like Goodwill or the blind? The pieces are still in good shape. They just need a bit of work to spiff them up a bit. Part of me would like to move the couch into the room in the basement or the spare bedroom but that thought is wearing thin. I would be better off doing something better with the spare room anyways.

Maybe my friend at the local rag can browse the ads and bring the paper to trivia tonight so I can get an idea of what is out there. Hint hint!


AletaR said...

Put the old couch by the curb and start a pool on how long it will take someone to grab it. I'm going with 1/2 hour tops.

OMW said...

I will buy any furniture you want to get rid of. I've been in my house for 15+ years and all I have is a kitchen table--one chair. and a bed. I've been meaning to go furniture shopping since I moved in. I hope you don't put it off as long as I have.

Anonymous said...

don't pay full price for anything. Now is the time to haggle. The first price quoted for what I wanted was 4700. I shopped around and got 3200. Well worth the extra time.