Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bad lawn day

I was playing with the "maps" app that comes standard on the iPhone. I was curious to see how many miles they would say my mother's house is from mine. I knew the distance by the route I drive but was curious to what the phone would say.

First it surprised me by taking a route though the hood. To the map app it didn't matter that it wasn't the fastest route but the most direct. I began to wonder how the technology behind this works until I noticed the Google Maps function at the end. I was able to press a icon and get a street view of the address.

It wasn't that I was amazed at the fact I could get a view of the house on what appeared to be a summer day. I wasn't amazed at all. If anything I was kinda pissed off. Is it too much to ask that they could gotten a view on a day after I had cut the grass?

Maybe I should be thankful that they didn't have a picture from the dead of winter showing the driveway plowed in and in dire need of shoveling.

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