Monday, February 09, 2009

Warming up

There was a glaze of ice on the sidewalks this morning. The snow that melted during a beautiful weekend left just enough moisture on the cement and grass to frost over at night, leaving the walk a bit on the slick side. Some areas looked like a light snow had fallen as they were white again and glistened in the glow of the street lights.

A fog hung in the air as I drove to work. I was heading in to the office early to get a jump on the week. It seems people drive a lot faster earlier in the morning. I am doing my usual 65-70 and have numerous pickup trucks flying by me. I felt like I was driving in Illinois except I had Fords and Dodges whizzing by instead of BMWs and Lexuses. Or is it Lexi?

I was able to get quite a bit done during that quiet hour. Now people are filtering in and the noise is beginning. I know I will hear about how cold it is in the building. You would think people here would get use to it. Happens every spring and fall. The engineers react to the first warm/cold spell and make their adjustments. It then get cold/warm again and you freeze/boil for a day or two. Last thing they want is you to complain so why bother.

With such nice weather this past weekend and with mild temps fore casted for the week I may get the Mustang out of the garage and see about driving it for a while. It gets better gas mileage than my truck and is just much funner to drive. At the very least I should fire it up and make sure the battery hasn't died on me. Happened to me once before and that really sucked.

Time to work. Hopefully I can also get this song out of my head. For whatever reason I have Big & Rich bouncing around in my noggin. Why does everybody want to kick my ass?

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