Saturday, March 14, 2009


I got out of bed this morning and stumbled into the kitchen. As I grabbed the coffee pot, I noticed the dishes on the counter top. I turned and looked at the mountain of plates in the kitchen sink. I sighed as I thought about how my cleaning lady skipped coming by this week and how I get lazy knowing she will be coming by to wash the dishes. I distinctly recall last Sunday thinking I can wait 3 more days for her to come and clean up. Now I have some cleaning to do.

I was thinking I didn't have to do any work today but I was wrong about that too. I forgot about the paperwork that needs to be reviewed or else I become the bottleneck and others sit around doing nothing. That meant driving in to tackle the mess of paper that is locked in my desk. That mountain that I conveniently forgot about yesterday.

Once the garage door opened I saw the car parked next to the truck. The car was filthy. So was the truck for that matter. Good thing was there was a short line at the car wash so I have that taken care of. I may have to drive the truck this weekend just to get it cleaned up.

Once at work I got the email I expected. Ever have one of those people you work with that will always want something more? You speak with them, create a report/spreadsheet/presentation to the standards that you agreed on and then later they tell you to put in more. You scratch your head thinking you missed something in the conversation but you know this is what they wanted. No matter what you do, it just ain't good enough. So do you do battle and point it out that this was in fact what was agreed upon or suck it up and spend an hour adding minutia to a report just to please them. As much as my mouth would like to point out the facts, my head says to suck it up.

Just past 1 and I have 4 messes dealt with. Dare I leave the house later?

I also learned something last night. Playing Ravel's Bolero in a packed bar will get people scratching their heads. But I ask you one simple question. How is Ravel worse than something like Dave Mathews? I rather head something interesting like Bolero.

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