Friday, March 20, 2009


Today looks to be at least a 4 B day. Breakfast, beer, basketball, and bowling. Could be some brats and burgers tossed into multiply the B counts. Sure there will be a lot of broads as well but I don't want to offend people like I did last year.

It's nice to have the day off. I haven't had time off from work since the end of last year. In about an hour I should be enjoying breakfast (1st B) with friends. It won't be the place that has bacon pancakes though. I could go for some bacon pancakes. Two great tastes that taste great together!

After breakfast it is a day of beer (2nd B). Going off to the bowling alley to watch basketball (3rd B) to "watch" the games after breakfast. I don't really watch basketball but I do enjoy just hanging out with people and having a good time. We had a good time last year with the girls who like girls and I don't see that not recurring.

There should be some bowling (4th B) involved as well. Ball is by the door waiting for me to pick up on the way out. All in all should be a good day. One that I need.

I will probably twit during the day. Right now I am thinking a pre-breakfast beer may be in order.

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