Thursday, March 19, 2009

Most of my friends would be dropouts

If something like this happened here, most of my friends probably would have dropped out of school.
Student Kicked Off Bus Over Passed Gas

Yep, kid dropped his ass and was given the boot. He died on the bus and the driver killed his ride. Let one go and was shown the do'! Click through to see a pic of the kid. He looks like he is grunting one out as the snap the photo.

There are mulitple things wrong with this. They claim he was kicked off the bus for "disturbing the bus." They make it sound like this particular bus was full of college bound kids studying hard. It also appears he wasn't given a warning which is bad but really, you are kicking a kid off the bus because he may have shat his pants?

The real problem here is his excuse. "It wasn't me. It was the kid in front of me." Yeah right buddy. Sure. Whatever you say. No one buys that excuse. Especially when he has a history- something that is not denied- of being known as the school bus farter. You are not going to get any leeway.

Whether the kid dropped this bomb or not really doesn't matter. Tell the kid not to do it again. Don't kick him off the bus. Now when the kid carpet bombs the driver on his way off the next time....

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AletaR said...

You may want to jump on the band wagon and nip that one in the bud or next thing you know you'll be reading your own headlines "Man kicked out of local watering hole for passing gas and blaming his friend"