Monday, March 16, 2009

What my eyes saw and my ears heard

Conversation with friends after work on Friday. Guy’s wife was explaining how if she was a guy, she would only go out with super hot women. She also said she had an eye for super hot women. When asked if she has ever played for her own team, she smiled a bit and ignored the question. When pressed she said she wouldn’t rule it out. Interesting. When he husband came back, he pressed her a bit further but she wouldn’t talk too much. Considering the other time I met these people, I left thinking that these friends of mine were dabbling in the swinging scene.

After waking up on Saturday, I watched some stuff that had been recorded. Ghost Hunters, Inside MMA, Most Haunted. I then realized I should check my work email as I was certain my boss wouldn’t like the report I had. So I was at work banging away on a keyboard and scribbling a signature on various papers. I listened to Night Ranger’s Hole in the Sun and later a disc full of Alice in Chains and the Foo Fighters. In between I watched and listened to the clips Pauly had posted from his Phish weekend. Though I had heard of Phish, I never listened to their songs. For the most part, hippy music doesn’t do much for me. But then again, I believe you need to experience life before you can pass judgment. So I listened to the clips as I scribbled. I came away with a bit of understanding of why people liked them. It was good. Not something I would rush out and buy but something I could listen to. Too mellow for my tastes to listen to all the time.

Later I would watch Zach and Miri Make a Porno. Typical Kevin Smith film. Not his best but not as bad as some have said. I enjoyed it so pfft to you if you didn’t. Later I would watch AKA Tommy Chong. Interesting. Sad but interesting.

On Sunday I got my fill of reality television. Started with Rock of Love Bus. Now that all of the trampiest girls have been given the boot the show may get boring. I am glad these annoying women are gone but it made for good conflict. It also mean Rock of Love 4 will be on next season. None of these girls will work out. The Penthouse Pet has her own career. The tomboy mom has other issues and neither she nor the country girl would be able to handle life on the road. The last chick is a groupie. He would keep her for a blow and then let her go.

Next up was the Tool Academy reunion show. This group of moronic douchebags and their skanky women were back to make bigger fools of themselves. Douchebags will never get it. People do not admire them. The audience was there to laugh at you and celebrate your idiocy. What they should have had was a Springer-like audience Q&A session. That would have been funny. I did notice one couple was smart enough to stay away from the reunion show. Well played!

Left for BW3s and listened to Motley Crue’s Saints of Los Angeles. One of the better discs to come out in 2008. It reminded me of the reason I played it so much last summer. And with the nice weather it fit. Sat at the bar eating wings, drinking beer, and watching the Bucks beat the Celtics. I wondered how much money was lost in Vegas on the Bucks game. Crappy team beating the best team has to mean a lot of money was lost.

This particular D-dubs is located by a grocery store. I noticed 3 guys picketing the store saying the store is unfair to their workers. But the sign on the store proudly proclaims it as Employee Owned. So these guys are picketing themselves? As it turns out, no. My friend told me they are hired by the local unions to picket the place in an effor to unionize the store. I guess these are the jobs the president claimed would be created by his administration.

The Amazing Race capped off reality world. I still think it is one of the best shows on TV. It is interesting because most of the contestants have watched the show before and know what it is about. There is less bitching when they all catch up at the airports/bus/train stations. They understand how it is structured. I am getting sick of the deaf kid though. It is like they hired a chimp to be on the show. Too many grunts and facial expressions are being shown. Every time he gets upset he bares his teeth like a pissed off Cheetah. They may be on the show for another week or two but they won’t win. My money is on gay Asian dude and his sister.

Time to get more coffee and do some work.

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