Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ducks with parachutes

As I drove home, I would never have dreamt I would have the top down feeling the warmth of the sun on a 72 degree day on St. Patrick's Day. Because ducks using parachutes has taken over my brain.

It was all apart of this bizarre dream I had on Monday night. I can't put all the pieces together and give the flow of the story but here is the attempt at what I did recall.
  • I was sitting in the last car of a rollercoaster facing backwards, watching where we had just been. The trip was short. Down a hill at a slow pace and around a bend. We got off of the roller coaster and looked at the map, deciding where to go next. We started one way and then turned around when we noticed we were at the entrance of the park. Except the park looked a lot like the left field entrance to Miller Park. We decided to hit a water ride in the other direction. As we walked, we were looking for a place to buy some booze. But someone needed to use the restroom so we walked looking for a place to get drinks and take a leak. It felt like we were walking through an arena at this point. An old one at that as the halls were somewhat narrow.
  • Next thing I know I am sitting in the back of a car speeding down the highway. A government agent is in the front seat insisting that I tell him all I know about the experiment involving training ducks to use parachutes. Even though I keep explaining I have no idea what he is talking about, he threatens to make me talk. I am about to give up when I look out the left side of the vehicle. There in the field is a big crane with a zip line trailing down from it. Every 15 second a duck is seen sliding along on a parachute. I tell the agent I am ready to confess by asking him to look to his left. He does and let's out a "Jesus Christ! I can't believe this is happening in front of my own eyes!" as he pulls the steering wheel to the left causing the car to fishtail. We then head back into the other direction.
  • But now I am waking up in my own house getting ready for work. I am thinking about a conversation I had with a friend. He was having troubles with his girl and was rather down. As I slip my shoes on I wonder where he is. I run into the garage and find him in his car. The garage door is closed and the car is running. I yell at him and reach in to drag him out until....

I wake up. I still cannot figure out what that all meant. Ducks with parachutes are normal, right?

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