Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I think work is messing with my dreams. I am in for a series of long days ahead. I don't mind as long as I know what is expected. With expectations set I can adjust. I may not like it but I can deal with it. Knowing you may be stuck for a 12 hours at work is different than being stuck an unexpected 12 hours at work.

I wonder if night 1 of this temporary bit of Hell is an indication of what to expect. I had a weird dream. I say weird as in different weird than I usually have. It started with me outside of a house. I thought it was my mother's house but it wasn't Along the front left corner of the house the ground had been excavated, exposing the foundation of the house. It was about 5 feet deep, 2 feet to 5 feet wide in some places and ran about a third the length of the house. I was inspected the hole, checking out what they were doing. I noticed a mouse without any hair on its body poking around the many holes in the hole.

Just as the mouse went over a big hole in the wall of the hole, I began to notice some bugs flying out. They were too small to be wasps or hornets. I ignored them at first until I felt a bite on my arm. Damn mosquito! I smashed it spurting what blood it had sucked out of me onto my shirt. As I got upset with the dot of blood on my white shirt, I began to hear more of a noise. There were mosquitos pouring out of the hole and they were coming right for me.

Normally I wouldn't think this is a weird dream. But in this case the bugs were coming out in droves. It was like a plume of smoke- thick, winding- coming out of the hole in the ground. Soon the skeeters were all over me. I did what I could to keep them from attacking me, flailing my arms like a madman. I tried to run but somehow they managed to stay in front of me. If I moved left, the thick plume of flying bugs went left. If I went right, the bugs moved right. It always kept in front of me like it was anticipating my next move.

I finally just ran forward feeling bugs bouncing off of me until I got inside the house. Not sure what happened to the excavated portion of the ground because I should have fell into it. Instead I got inside and swatted the few mosquitos that were still on me. Somehow I only had the initial bite and it did not itch.

I don't have dreams like this. I am hoping work doesn't continue as I would rather have those fine sex dreams I am accustomed to.

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AletaR said...

It means you never pre-treated your white shirt.